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feeding baby with oogaa train spoon

oogaa bowls make the perfect cakes

Max and Anela bake a personal oogaa cake with our oogaa bowls.  Perfect for oven heat, re-heating and baking.  They used Willie’s Chocolate Bible, by Willie Harcourt-Cooze.  Recipe- Chocolate Genoise. http://www.williescacao.com My husband and Max had the opportunity to spend some time with Willie in Hong Kong last May.  They came away inspired to bits…

ABC Kids Expo, September 2011

Come see us at the ABC Kids Expo September 23-26 in Louisville, Kentucky USA http://www.theabcshow.com/ booth 2915 oogaa®

Clever products for bath time

1. oogaa’s soft silicone baby spoon gets chewed all the way to the water inspiring us to look at products for bath time. 2. We like Skip Hops Dunck, stacking bath toys at $10 http://www.skiphop.com/product/dunck.html 3. These two toned Bath bins by Kuster, UK are so clever.  The inner bin works to scoop up the…

oogaa with rice and peas… please

Alfie finds eating easy with oogaa plane spoon, bowl and placemat.  Soft, safe non-slip silicone.

Growing awareness about safe baby and toddler mealtime products

The current climate of growing product awareness is very inspiring.  We as parents and manufactures want to make sure that our products are safe for your child. But how do we know what is safe and what is harmful? The answer may be in the testing Start by researching products you intend to purchase, educate…

Fantastic news!

  As of May 2011 all oogaa silicone feeding products have officially passed the required scientific and safety testing for sales in the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong. We are proud to offer a safe choice to feeding your baby. Baby Chris loves his train spoon!    

oogaa baby mealtime sets

Our next MOST IMPORTANT step to getting the oogaa products on the market is the third party testing.  We will test for safety and durability along with making sure the silicone is as per our specification, the highest food grade quality. We hope you like the colors.

What’s coming in 2011

We are getting closer and closer to launching the first part of our oogaa Home products for 2011. Our first launch will feature: Silicone baby bowls, silicone placemats and our long awaited oogaa spoons (in the process of patent approval) can’t wait to show you! Here are oogaa Home’s top 10 advantages for using silicone.

The time is right

Living the life of an expat in Hong Kong can bring some very mixed emotions.  We didn’t know if we were coming or going, did this feel like home and how long were we staying here?  We were living on an island where the architecture marches up the mountain framing a lush green backdrop, the…