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oogaa products, NO Green-washing!

Products can be called all natural when they are made from naturally occurring elements but what if those naturally occurring elements are harmful? The 7 sins of Green-washing by TerraChoice Group inc., a consultancy firm dedicated to sustainability linking science with business. Do companies really trick consumers?  I started my research- and found an awful…

oogaa wins! 2012 NAPPA award, oogaa silicone mealtime set

NAPPA National Parenting Publications Awards has chosen oogaa’s mealtime set as a silver winner!  oogaa’s silicone mealtime set is safe for babies from 4+ months, non-toxic safe silicone will last for years.  oogaa bowls make the perfect single portion meals straight from the oven or cereal in the morning for the entire family, and the…

oogaa’s recipe blog coming this month.

With help from our baby bullet and the inspirational Chezfoti.com, together we will share recipes for baby/toddlers and kids.  Chez Foti grows all of her own vegetables at her home in SW France while the oogaa team blends up the fun in the USA to create a mix of lovely feeding ideas!  Coming soon!

oogaa launches in Australia!

Stores across Australia will be receiving oogaa’s range of wonderful and wise feeding products thanks to our distributor, Wholesale Baby.  For the first time parents will be able to shop direct for oogaa’s range of sustainable silicone feeding products and put fun on the menu for babies and toddlers Down Under. Ask your local store to…

Inspiration from father and son

Breastfeeding my baby was hard work, my son was slow at latching, slow at feeding and fed on demand.  At one month old my mom arrived in town and we organized bottles so I could have a little break and sleep more than two hours straight.  We introduced formula with no success, then tried my…

Playtimes magazine, eco hero oogaa!

When we lived in Hong Kong I would always get excited when my son brought home the latest issue of Playtimes.  Modern, glossy images with familiar Hong Kong backdrops and sensible advice to raising children, this magazine never fails to impress.  Check it out free online at playtimes.

My dual citizen

I’ve linked this blog as part of a fantastic website called www.momalom.com.  Share, write, be inspired and inspire! 3sprouts has launched a fantastic contest for bloggers to write something “unexpected”.  The perfect word to describe this blog about my son. My son was born in England ten years ago this month. The first night of his life I…

oogaa silicone baby bowls, proven sustainable!

Sustainability by definition means- “the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions”.  The definition is long and very interesting if you are curious, take a look. We have put the oogaa bowls to the test finally reaching our six month testing mark.  We…

baby silicone dishes, baby feeding products 2012

oogaa feeding products are shaped from high quality silicone.  Silicone will not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria.  Your baby could happily use any of our silicone items as a teether; in fact we recommend it!  It is also soft-to-the touch, shatterproof and slip-resistant- handy with a little one around. 

baby feeding products, Loving spoonful for Mr. Alli.Gator ♥

Jolie age 2, set the table for her Valentine, Mr. Alli.Gator.